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The Ama Ghare LED scheme is announced on 12th January 2019 by the Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik. In the Ama Ghare LED Scheme 2019, the government will distribute the 9-watt 4 LED bulb under the PEETHA scheme from the month of January 2019. The Odisha Ama Ghare LED scheme will cover the beneficiaries of the National Food Security Act (NFSA) and State Food Safety Scheme (SFSS). The purpose of the scheme is to reduce the burden of electricity bills from the poor households.

Odisha LED Bulb Govt Distribution Scheme

Under Ama Ghare LED Light Karyakram, the government is planning to deliver almost. 3.80 core free LED bulb. Beneficiary is 95 lakh under the Ama Ghare LED scheme 2019. In the Budget of 2018-19, the budget of 25 crore rupees was approved by the Odisha government. The government’s intention to start the Ama Ghare scheme is to reduce the burden of electricity bills as well as reduce the burden of electricity bills from the poor family.

Details of Ama Ghare LED Scheme 2019

Name of Scheme Ama Ghare LED Scheme
Scheme Launched by Mr. Naveen Patnaik
Date of Launch 12th January 2019
Start date PEETHA Camps
Beneficiary NFSA & SFSS Scheme
Scheme Objective To provide free LED Bulbs
Total Cost of project Rs 125 Crore
Scheme Category State Govt Scheme

Odisha Ama Ghare Yojana 2019

Odisha state Ama Ghare scheme 2019 will be implemented by Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited. Under the LED distribution scheme, the beneficiary is 87 lakh NFSA and 8 lakh SFSS totaling 95 lakhs. The Government has spent a total of 125 crores to implement the Odisha Ama Ghare scheme in the entire state.


Some Features Of Ama Ghare LED Scheme 2019

  • Applicant will get 4 LED bulbs of 9 Watt
  • Distribution of LED bulbs will be under PEETHA camps
  • Applicant has to visit on PEETHA Awareness camps.
  • This plan has not only reduced domestic electricity expenditure but also helped in the study of children.

Ama Ghare LED Scheme 2019 Eligibility

  • Who comes under NFSA and SFSS families
  • Applicant must be the native of the state
  • Aadhar card must for Beneficiary
  • Beneficiary must have Ration card

How To Apply LED Bulb In Ama Ghare LED Scheme 2019

Online and offline mode is not available for applying for Ama Ghare LED scheme 2019, beneficiary of National Food Security Act (NFSA) and State Food Security Scheme (SFSS) will get a 9 watt LED bulbs under Ama Ghare Yojana 2019. Under the PEETHA camps the process of delivery of LED bulbs is done. PEETHA Awareness camp is organized between 15 to 20 dates of every month.

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